Who are we?

The team behind it

Rainer Hofmeister

CEO and Sales


“Water is one of the most valuable goods that Austria has to offer.”

Günther Taferner

Partner and Finance


“Water is not only a necessity but also a pleasure.”

Susanne Kresch

CEO and Purchasing


“WOSSA means to be at peace with yourself and with nature.”

Bernd Kresch

Partner and Sales


“WOSSA is the perfect combination of purity, naturalness, taste and freshness.”

Sebastian Guntschnig

CEO and Sales


“Nothing in the world is as soft and pliable as water. And yet it overcomes the hard and strong.”

Gerald Perchtaler

Partner and Production


“The most important element is water.”

Denise Hofmeister

Marketing and Sales


“WOSSA – The perfect interplay of harsh contrasts of nature to a soft and round taste.”